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Alassala Ltd is derived from the Arabic word Alassala which signifies "authenticity and originality". We specialise in production, import and export of the finest ethically cold pressed Organic Argan Oil and its products from the south west of Morocco.

We aim to provide the highest quality, natural products to our customers and are proud to be able to trace our raw materials back to source. We only use authentic methods in producing our range of Argan Oil goods with no chemical or artificial additives for you to enjoy a pure, natural and authentic product.

Demand for Argan Oil is on the rise as customers are increasingly searching for new, innovative and authentic speciality products. That demand is also coupled with an increasing desire to have natural, healthy and ethical provenance.

We’ve developed our range to specifically meet all those needs being 100 % Organic, ethical and highly healthy. It’s a perfect fit for a customer base that are after luxurious affordable, ethical, tasty yet healthy products to fulfil they healthy diet.